MSc International sustainable development

Yes you can ! Co-construct international development projects in accordance with the sovereignty of the territories Adopt a responsible understanding of the development of international projects. The new initiatives must surpass neo-colonial relationships with miserable images and paternalistic attitudes that are widespread between the West andthe rest of the world. 3A believes that training is a fundamental axis for a sustainable development.


Examination / Access time: 15 days to 12 months


In a global and increasingly complex world, the Manager of national and international projects for organizations accompanies structures/institutions to position themselves on an open transnational market and to develop projects that generate the creation of values and/or humanistic principles (internationalization of solidarity). The Manager of national and international projects for organizations therefore occupies a strategic position within organizations. In this sense, he/she is called upon to advise and support the leaders of organizations in the development of growth, transformation, adaptation and change management strategies. 3A promotes a responsible comprehension of the development of international projects. The new initiatives must surpass neo-colonial relationships with miserable images and paternalistic attitudes that are widespread between the West and the rest of the world. 3A believes that training is a fundamental axis for a sustainable development. OBJECTIVES - Strengthen theoretical knowledge and practical know-how in order to innovate in the fields of ethical and international development - Develop international activities with geopolitical and cultural challenges - Be able to identify an international opportunity and choose a business development strategy - Be able to work with multicultural and multidisciplinary teams - Systematically take into account the needs of local populations to build sustainable development projects


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What can you do after your MSc in international sustainable development ?

Achieving sustainable development goals is a fundamental part of business growth. Nowadays, it has become clear that no company can ignore global warming or increasing inequalities in the world. For example, if nothing is done, climate change will disrupt all of the Earth’s biomes, which will have unfathomable consequences on companies’ activities. This is why businesses have started to hire professionals who can implement internal solutions to answer those challenges.

After your MSc in International Sustainable Development, you can start working for any kind of company, in your home country or abroad. Aside from international businesses, you may also find a job in structures such as consulting agencies, governments or NGOs. There are a lot of different missions in this sector, such as improving internal processes to reduce their environmental impact, finding reliable international partners whose activities respect human rights and the environment.

The need for businesses to embrace this new paradigm still needs to be improved. Global warming and pollution in general require strong and fast actions as soon as possible. By following this MSc, you will be in a position to bring radical changes to your companies’ activities.

Your career prospects can be divided between those that are directly related to sustainable development and jobs that aren’t but need to take it into account in their daily activities.

Admission requirements

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Subject Areas

  • Anthropology of development
  • Geopolitics and development
  • Import and export logistics
  • International team manager
  • International alternative development..

The Master thesis

The master’s thesis includes operational recommendations for the development of projects or activities with an international scope. It must also show the impact on the strategic development of the organization.

Training costs

For each year of admission, you must submit an online application on our 3A website and take written and oral exams.

Entrance exam registration fee: 45€. 
Course fees for the start of the 2024 academic year:

  • Initial course : 
    4th year: 9 950€*   
    5th year: 10,200€*.
  • Work-study program : (training costs are fully covered by the OPCO of the company and the host company). 
    4th year: 10 950€ 
    5th year: 10,950€
    The learner therefore has no remaining expenses to pay.

VAE training and eligible for CPF (Compte personnel de Formation). 
Possibility of validating one or more blocks of skills. 

*Price net of VAT if 100% self-financing. In all other cases (e.g.: CPF, Pôle Emploi, Entreprise, Région...), the price will be subject to VAT (20%).

Key figures of the programme

- Success rate (class of 2023): 78.9% (Apprentices 80.8%)
- Continuation rate (class 2022): 2.3% (Apprentices 2.8%)
- Professional integration rate (class 2022): 70.5% (Apprentices 72.2%)
- Occupational integration rate (class 2022): 64.8% (Apprentices 68.1%)
- Interruption rate (class 2023): (Apprentices 4%)
- Satisfaction rate (class 2023): 75.80% (apprentices 79.20%)

Data on campus indicators is available on request.


Level 7 professional certification, "Manager of national and international projects for organizations" issued by APTIM under n°34350, registered with the RNCP by France Compétences decision of 16/12/2019, NSF code 310. 

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Continuation of course

Integration into professional life.


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